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Pistachos Nazaríes

Aguilar Exportaciones is a pioneering family business made up of engineers and economists, with an extensive experience in the growing of pistachios in Andalusia. The profound knowledge accumulated over thirty years of researching and selecting only the best fruits allows us to offer you a unique product on the market today: Pistachios Nazaries.

The land where our trees are situated lies in a privileged area offering the best soil and sun exposition needed for the fruit to reach an optimum natural ripeness.

Also, our working conditions allow us to carefully collect, toast and pack only the pistachios that fulfill quality control requirements. No other ingredient is added apart from an exact touch of salt. The packaging we have chosen guarantees that the pistachios reach our customers keeping all their properties, their aroma and exceptional taste.

We do not add flour to improve coloring, we use the minimum salt possible, thanks to which our final product has a unique taste with optimum freshness and smoothness.

Our traditional toasting technique brings out a unique texture which will delight the most discerning palates.


After a careful selection in which we only choose the best fruit, those with an exceptional size and no blemishes. We obtain a pistachio with maximum quality.

The opening of the fruit is entirely natural, we don’t use mechanical procedures that damage the shell or the fruit.

After the toasting process, no other ingredient is added apart from an exact touch of salt. The glass jar packaging we have chosen guarantees the pistachios reach our customers keeping all their properties, their aroma and exceptional taste. The result is a unique and totally natural product which will delight even the most discerning palates.

The Pistachio

A fruit with a story

Originally from the near east, the pistachio tree is one of the oldest nut trees in history. archeological findings in turkey show that men and women have been eating pistachios since 7000 BC.

The pistachio tree prospers in hot climates and is said to have spread from the near east throughout the Mediterranean to quickly become a treasured delicacy for royalty, travellers and others.

A legend tells us that the queen of Sheba once said that pistachios were only to be eaten by royalty and even forbade the plebeian to grow pistachio trees for personal consumption. Also it is said that Nebuchadnezzar II, an ancient king of Babylon, had pistachio trees planted in his fabulous gardens . In the middle east, lovers used to take refuge under pistachio trees to listen to the sound of the ripe fruits opening which was said to bring good luck.

Pistachios have been used as a traditional coloring and a popular remedy to cure pains like toothaches and illnesses like sclerosis of the liver. The high nutritional value of pistachios and their long storage life, made them into an important asset for the voyages of the first explorers and tradesmen. Sailors often carried them as well as almonds on their travels on the old silk route between China and Europe.


Pistachios contains a high proportion of vitamin A and are rich in minerals (potassium, calcium,phosphor and iron) and proteins, especially arganine, an amino acid that strengthens our defense system and reduces cholesterol.

It has a high folic acid content (especially important for pregnant women) and it also contains a lot of fibre ( up to 20%) this being excellent for digestion.

Pistachios are a heart friendly food thanks to their high content in healthy fatty acids; monounsaturated, oleic, triglycerides.

It also has antioxidant properties, anti-carcinogenic and rejuvenating effects thanks to its content in vitamin E and phitoesteroles and carotene.